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“Sound-recording equipment John and Alan Lomax transported in the trunk of their car during their fieldwork expeditions” (from http://www.loc.gov/folklife/fieldwork/howto.html).

For class tomorrow we are going to be covering a lot of ground: “Segregating Sounds (1910s – 20s) and Archival Acquisition/Fieldwork.” For the music related readings please consider the following:


  • Why does Armbruster characterize the 20s as a “paradoxical age”?
  • What is a “blue law”?
  • What was Local 76’s attitude towards jazz?
  • Why was Local 458 reconstituted into Local 493 in 1922?
  • What impact did the advent of cinema have on the local music scene?
  • Did women receive the same pay as men in Local 76?
  • What did the New York Times say about Cornish?

De Barros

  • According to De Barros, what was Seattle’s early “contradiction in the city’s psychology”?
  • What do you think would have happened had black musicians tried to join Local 76 in 1909?
  • What role do minstrel shows play in the development of jazz?
  • How would you characterize The Seattle Times’ turn of the century characterization of black entertainers?
  • When and where was Seattle’s first jazz performance?

And for the archive/fieldwork related portion of the readings, consider….


  • What are some of the ways in which sound and audiovisual archives acquire their collections?
  • What should be a person’s paramount responsibility when making a new recording for an archive?
  • What should we do with recordings that were made w/out the knowledge or permission of performers?

And we will be applying Bartis’ guide to an activity during the latter half of the class.

See you tomorrow!