The World Today: February 26th, 1940 (Milo Ryan Phonoarchive 1179)

I’m posting this audio recording of a 1940 CBS News radio broadcast because:
a) It’s Fair Use Week ( and it’s a good idea to flex that stance often, otherwise it will atrophy and succumb to the growing drive to replace our Commons with a Terms Of Use.
b) CBS called me this morning asking if we could find one of their recordings from 1944 (from the Academy Awards) so that they could use it in an upcoming news program. Happy to help find it for them but if academic institutions are going to be the gatekeepers and stewards of corporate collections, shouldn’t we be able to make these items available for scholarly and other non-profit uses? Yes.
c) This CBS recording, which is part of an amazing collection called the Milo Ryan Phonoarchive, is a world news time capsule from 74 years ago today. In addition to reports from Finland and the disturbing description of gracious niceties exchanged between Mussolini and Sumner, check out the warm analog noise generated when Sweeney attempts to connect with Italy.

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